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Storage Solutions

We have found that every bathroom requires storage, whether it is one toothbrush and a tube of toothpaste or the children's bathroom toys and cleaning fluids.

One of the prestigious bathroom furniture manufacturers we work closely with at Spencer Hart Bathrooms is Calypso. 

Like us, Calypso have been trading for two decades, are a family owned and run company and pride themselves in the quality and experience they provide from there bathroom furniture.

Calypso's range is all about choice and they have something for every space. A worktop finish to suit any style. A cabinet finish to complement any tile!

Every door and drawer features a soft close mechanism in order to provide you with that quality of quietness.  Shut your Calypso doors to a respectful silence.

The hinges on all of Calypso's doors feature the hidden soft close which is invisible to the eye and maintains a shiny Chrome finish. 

Calypso have also kept a large consistency and rigidity throughout their range of furniture with the use of 18mm thickness to all of our doors and carcasses.

Even the backs of all carcasses are pre-drilled for wall hanging and adjustment of the wall units.  When fitted to the wall these are also invisible to the eye and create perfection without the ugly bits.  Run all your unsightly pipework behind a Calypso style of your choice.

Another great feature - any door finish you choose will ensure you can have the end panels, worktop, plinth, cornice, and flyover in exactly the same finish.  Keep a consistency or pick and choose between the range.

Even save yourself trouble when access is required in the recesses of a WC carcass.  Access the concealed cistern by simply removing the upper panel!

Call us today on 01903 814044 or pop in for a free consultation at our Showroom in Steyning (77-79 High Street, Steyning, West Sussex, BN44 3RE)

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